About Us


The Company



Isfahan Glass Ind. ( IGI ) was established as a company in 1982. However, it was not until 1999 that it began its production of glass table - ware in Iran. Within six months from the start of its first production IGI began its manufacture of toughened glass-ware products and became the first producer of such items in the country and soon proved to be one of the major leaders in glass industry in Iran. With its head office in Tehran and a team of dedicated local and foreign trained personnel IGI has, in a very short time, managed to expand its activity to produce something like 85 different types of glass table - ware. Launching new products every few months , IGI markets roughly 300000 pieces of glass - ware both domestically and internationally .The top quality, great variety, and affordable prices of IGI products, along with an excellent and most reliable distribution network, has made IGI products top amongst the major table - ware brands in the country. The sale of IGI products to Asian  countries such as Afghanistan , India , Iraq , Pakistan , Saudi Arabia , Turkey , topped by export to many European and South American countries like Britain, Germany, Italy,Brazil has turned Isfahan Glass Industry into one of the most successful companies in Iran.




The Factory




Isfahan Glass factory is located just outside the beautiful and historical city of Isfahan in central Iran. Built on a site with an area of around 90,000 square meters and with a workforce of about 500, the plant consists of various departments such as research and development, technical divisions, maintenance and workshop, mould construction and repairs , quality control, packaging and distribution as well as human resources units. The production unit within the plant includes two furnaces each with a melting capacity of 90 metric tonnes per day and eight production lines all but one using " Pressing Production Method " . Working at full capacity this unit operates continuously round the clock to produce an average of 300,000 pieces of glass-ware products per day. The factory employs the latest technology available in glass industry and uses some of the most modern equipments and machinary from the world's most famous suppliers in this field from countries like Germany, Italy and Switzerland to produce some of the finest glass - ware products in Iran. Recruiting young, well motivated and highly qualified and trained staff has been one of the major factors in making IGI products a well known brand in every Iranian household.