The Local Sales Department of Isfahan Glass Ind. (IGI) is always trying its very best to provide satisfactory services toward esteemed Iranian customers and shall meet their business requirements in an appropriate style.

In this connection, one the most important job task of this department is supplying “Interesting Goods Sales Basket” for the respective clients, as per their required products to be on the production lines smoothly and having the timely delivery to them, accordingly.

Furthermore, pro-active and experienced personnel of subject department is regularly being in touch with the local customers, distributers and wholesalers in different business levels to make sure that all is going well with their sales matters, furnishing them with satisfactory services and also helping them to move forward together, as much as possible. Special Productions (Private Labeling & OEM):

During recent years, The Local Sales Department of Isfahan Glass Ind. (IGI) is developing its capabilities to design and perform wide range of qualified, elegant, stylish and best-selling items in collaboration with own factory different units to launch on the production lines, as per its nationwide client’s orders and then presenting these attractive products to the market, completely.

In addition, this manufacturing company is seriously planning to produce Special High Quality Glassware items, which used into other industries like kitchenware products or home appliances.Thus, our High Quality Glassware products can be replaced with those goods imported to the country, from other international sources.

In the end, for any local sales & ordering needs or question, you are kindly requested to feel free to contact us at: or 0098-21-72915. We will then more than happy to attend your request or be in contact with you, at the soonest.

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